Show not canceled, just moved to another venue..:D..

so we’ll se you all in München on March 17th..


Unfortunately, our show in München has been canceled :(..
We’ll inform you if something new developes..


..yep ! that’s right..get tour through Germany..Autobahn here we come..:D..

first..we’ll be going to Heilbronn on Friday March 16h and on Saturday we’ll be playing in München !! We will keep you updated on exact locations and timing and everything else you want to know..

Now, for the water related disaster that hit our sanctuary..all my equipment is working this moment we are all praying for certain synths and sound mixers..keep your fingers crossed..;)..we bought new carpet..I believe Cipal already got his drums inside..he really is an addict..drum addict..:D..

keep it real !


..clip just appeared on our video page..check it out..;)..


..water in+over+under+around all our equipment..keef your fingers crossed it will all work when dried..



..možete pogledati najavu na službenoj stranici DORF-a..svirka će biti u Domu sindikata željezničara (Mađarska škola)..a uz nas (ne istovremeno, nadam se..:)..svirat će Jarboli (BG). Moram samo napomenuti da se jako veselimo našem prvom dolasku u Vinkovce..pripremamo nešto posebno samo za VAS..



..first results of our show few days ago in KSET..

I set up my iphone to shoot photos from the gallery every 5 seconds while we were setting up our equipment on stage..

you can see the final results on YouTube or Vimeo..whichever you prefer better..;)..


..tonight was our milestone: 10th apperance in has always been good to us..but last night we broke our KSET record..all that audience just for don’t forget the Man/Machine..
..forgive me for any misspelling..I’m posting this from my phone..and it’s half past 2 AM. I should be sleeping..when I wake up I have to go to goodnight everyone!!
thank you KSET team..
..and thanks to all the should appreciate coming to a concert on Thursday..;)..
.good night!

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vidimo se večeras u KSET-u..:D our brand new redesigned web page!! 13th edition..
We promise we’ll try to keep you up to date with everything you always wanted to know about us and around us..
Comments and suggestions are welcome!
As you will notice, some parts of the web page are still under construction..but will be finished soon..;)..
We look forward to hearing from you..

See you all soon in one of our shows! Maybe in KSET on 26th !! :D